The Scientific Benefits of a 7 Second Workout

• Patented Scientific Breakthrough - Revolutionary Exercise Methodology
World's Fastest Workout - As little as 10 minutes per month!
• Most Efficient Workout -
More Muscle in Less Time
Safest Workout Ever - Prevents Injury

Prepare to throw away everything you THOUGHT you knew about burning fat, building muscle, losing weight and getting STRONG.

Introducing the world's fastest workout, the patent-pending 1-Rep GymStatic Contraction Training (SCT) Machine, redefining isometric workouts for strength training.

Watch the video below and you'll see an INTENSE full-body workout that only takes minutes and requires just ONE REPETITION of each exercise.
Maximum strength gains are achieved by Myofibril Hypertrophy, which is caused by muscle fiber stimulation.

Today's traditional workout routines are very inefficient at achieving maximum results. There is a huge amount of time wasted performing reps and sets with weights that are not heavy enough to engage muscle fibers "maximally" to achieve myofibril hypertrophy. The result is an inefficient workout with very little gain of strength or muscle.

Conventional workouts involving reps and sets stimulate
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. Basically, the fluid surrounding the muscle is engorged and "pumped up", thereby inflating the muscle. This is NOT actually adding lean musle tissue. This gives the appearance of puffy smooth muscle and very little long term benefit is achieved.

In fact, if one lays off from the gym for more than a week or so, one will see a deflated body in the mirror. This is where the very unscientific 2,3 or even 5 workouts per week came about. People were told to workout frequently to keep the "pump". This is nothing but gym lore.

Myofibril Hypertrophy is what stimulates the growth of new muscle fibers. This is not getting 'pumped up' through Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. Instead, new muscle fibers and increased muscle fiber density is stimulated, and this results in huge strength gains and new muscle mass that lasts for 6-12 months even without any further strength training.

FASTEST way to stimulate maximal Myofibril Hypertrophy (the kind everyone wants), is to use the 1 Rep Gym™.

Performing the perfect rep, where your body is positioned precisely at your strongest range with
a 120 degree joint angle, allows for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. And because this is a very high intensity, all-out effort, in as little as 7 seconds you will have achieved maximum muscle fiber recruitment.
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All New 2015 Model

Scott Baker
Age: 24
Professional Pitcher, Major League Baseball (Minnesota Twins)

"The first workout I was just getting used to it, but the rest of them I went all out. I actually got exhausted and felt like I had worked out for over an hour. This is the BEST workout someone (especially a baseball player or any athlete), can do to get in better shape and get stronger.

It's such a violent action when I throw the ball. I can build strength without the risk of injury or the added stress from using free weights and other stuff, man, that's HUGE! The workout is so different but it all makes sense ya know. I love it!"
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All New 2015 Model

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